Shark Hat For Cats

Have you ever wanted your cat to reenact scenes from Jaws? Well now they can with this cute handmade shark hat for cats! With this hat, your kitty could even possibly scare away all the other pets in the neighborhood! A line of teeth along the edge and a fin at the top makes it almost look realistic! There are two slits on the sides of the hat for where your cat's ears are inserted. To keep the hat secure you tie the crocheted strings together right underneath your cat's chin! Not too tight though, or else the JAWS may strike!! DURABLE -Machine sewn ECO-FRIENDLY - 10% of profits donated to planting trees at - Fabric made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic ZERO WASTE As with all of our items, this hat is packaged with: *100% recycled paper *100% recycled and compostable envelopes *No plastic